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Bali, wyspa metamorfozy wewnętrznej

Idea kobiecego wyjazdu Przez cały niemalże październik i listopad 2019 roku nosiłam się z zamiarem drugiego wyjazdu na Bali. Tym razem chciałam zorganizować kobiecy wypad. Dotychczas jeździłam wszędzie z mężem, co ma dużo plusów. Moja dusza przesłała mi informacje abym zaproponowała wyjazd kobietom. Tylko którym kobietom? Mniej

My greek story in pictures

We have just got back from our holidays in Greece. Like every year, the trip turned out to be profound and deep. So insanely deep that I am still climbing up, try to reach the surface. This time only photos will tell my greek story, no

Apple vinegar, easy to make, healthy to drink

Polska wersja, kliknij tutaj – zapraszam na blog mojej koleżanki Joasi, która dogłębnie opisała proces robienia octu jabłkowego po polsku. The one thing I really love about my garden (among many things) is the two apple trees. The last year’ harvest exceeded our expectations. We have been enjoying healthy

Is sourdough bread hard to bake?

Polski tekst ponizej. My story with sourdough bread began probably 3 years ago when I was learning and later trying out the concept of yeast and wild yeast - sourdough. I failed time and again. I will tell you something now, making your own sourdough bread

Bali, a spiritual journey I will never forget

It's going be a long post. If you can, please read it to the end, thank you. If, among the enormity of the words written here, you find something you like then my two days of writing are not wasted. This is not a typical tourist

Christmas of 2018

As I promised myself I am delivering. This year for christmas - I was suppose to have a small Christmas tree. It's done. - I was suppose to decorate my Christmas tree with gingerbread cookies which I was going to bake myself. It's done. - I was suppose

Show must go on

Christmas of 2018 is just around the corner. Last Christmas was painful of very many reasons. I Have to confess something, I actually don't like Christmas, a childhood stuff that I need to processe. I am rather an Easter person because during Easter it has

Post not exactly about food photography

The past 5 months have been quite challenging for me. I spent some time thinking why that was. Was it my big dream which yet failed to become a reality that later made me sad and depressed? I love astrology, both of its brunches vedic and

The photo spa in Sicily

Some years back, when I was young and confused about what I should do in life, I met Kinga, the best and the most artistic food photographer in my view. Besides being a food photographer, she is also a teacher in her profession. Kinga is well