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The photo spa in Sicily

The photo spa in Sicily

Some years back, when I was young and confused about what I should do in life, I met Kinga, the best and the most artistic food photographer in my view. Besides being a food photographer, she is also a teacher in her profession.

Kinga is well established, successful with many interesting connections. She organizes food photo workshops almost every year for her students. They usually take place in southern Europe, usually in Sicily. To be part of Kinga’s super photo team isn’t easy. I expressed my willingness to partake in her workshops already when I met her but that didn’t happen until this autumn. I am really happy that it has happened because I did I learn a lot. Yes I did.

Together with 14 other girls and a very heavy gear I was running around Sicily for 5 whole days. What a pleasure. The entire stay was organized in a way that I could describe in just one word: perfection. The schedule was tight and the weather was merciful. Citrus and olive gardens, pomegranate farm, olive oil production, olive oil tasting, open air market were some of the attractions I encountered there.

I have to also write about the food since it played such important role in my perception for the trip, daaa ? Food Photography. Everything was delicious. At the location, a charming farm in the middle of citrus and olive trees, kind of like B&B but with full board, all our meals were being prepared. Everything was vegetarian but I didn’t mind because it was so tasty and the most important, it was very simple. What stroke me the most in regards to the food was the simplicity and accessibility of the greenery that we ate. Let me just give you some examples: marinaded pumpkin with rucola as a side salad or sage leaves dipped in tempura as an appetizer. Yummy!!!!

Magda Wasiczek. I must write at least some words about this amazing photographer. Google her to find out who she is and how fabulous her pictures are. I knew that Magda was coming along beforehand. She is a friend of Kinga and sometimes they travel together for some projects. I was familiar with her style, I liked it but I couldn’t pinpoint why I liked it so much. When Kinga asked if any of the girls one day would like to follow Magda and photographer with her, I said yes. However I was reconsidering my decision when found out that I have to get up early. I simply need my beauty sleep and I am not a morning person. I rather photograph in the evening due to this obvious reason. After all consideration I decided to go. Now I can say with 100% certainty that it was the right decision. Since I had taken my very first photo, many, many, many years ago and since I have started taking photos on the semi-professional/professional level, the process of learning photography has been fantastic and both Kinga and Magda played extremely important roles in my development as a photographer. What Magda does with her talent is actually difficult to describe in words. You should just see it. The rewarding part was to listen Magda’s lecture, to be able to see how she is explaining the way to achieve the results that we all admire in her work. It helped me to understand photography on a different level. For that I will always be grateful to Magda. I still don’t know where that knowledge will take me but for sure I can say that it opened my mind for other ways to do photography.

When I look at all my photos from that trip or any of my trips for that matter, I feel proud. I genuinely like my pictures, I like how I take photos with what I encounter. I tell the story of a place which is partly mine and partly somebody else’s. My only hope is that I never offend anybody because I photograph with the biggest respect for people and places which end up in my lenses. For those who later review my work, I really hope you like my pictures. I hope you read a beautiful novel written by me and my camera.

  • Joanna Justyna

    15 November 2018at19:31 Reply

    Magdo, jestem pod wrażeniem, Twoje ujęcia są prze – pię – kne! Bardzo podoba mi się Twój styl. Poraz kolejny brava, brava, brava!!!
    Teraz muszę przetłumaczyć sobie tekst ha ha…

    • magdalena

      15 November 2018at19:35 Reply

      Czesc Asia. Dziękuje ci bardzo serdecznie za wszystkie przemiłe słowa bo one bardzo mi pomagają isc dalej tam gdzie sobie zaplanowałam oraz pogłębiać pasje ?❤️

  • Kinga

    15 November 2018at22:09 Reply

    It was a pleasure to have you with us. Your photos from our trip are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • magdalena

      15 November 2018at22:20 Reply

      Thanks Kinga. Unforgettable trip for sure. Loved every portion of it

  • Dorota Ryniewicz

    18 November 2018at12:45 Reply

    Słów mi brak! Pięknie!!! :-)))

    • magdalena

      18 November 2018at13:12 Reply

      Dziękuje bardzo za piękny komplement ❤️?

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