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The incredible India

Have I had any expectations in regards to my trip to India? I don't really know. I was supposed to travel to some interesting places, take a lot of photos through which I would experience this amazing country. Would you call it an expectation? Because much

Holidaying in Greece. Bzzzzzzz – the sound of mosquito

I am in Alonnisos, the charming little island on the Aegean Sea. Certainly here is plenty to enjoy and endure. The warm climate, the cloudless sky, the most amazing environment, finally the very finest people that are happy and always kind. I have been to Greece,

It’s kind of easy but it’s actually very hard

What does it mean to be happy? Are you happy when everything goes well? Are you unhappy when things go wrong? I heard that the most beautiful corals grow in places where the water is thrown constantly in every direction. You would think is the

I, me, myself – future business owner

I will begin by writing something profound: my life story is half sad and half happy. I decide to focus on the happy part, respect the sad and learn from them both. Overall I feel I am the luckiest person in the world because I finally

Beyond photography – workshop in Northern Norway

It wasn’t until a year ago when I got a real kick by taking photos. I have liked and been interested in photography since for ever but never had a chance to understand it. My first SLR was a handy russian film camera. That happened

Food photography with Green Morning

Overall I am really happy with all I have achieved in my life. However the time after 2009 has been very hard and very confusing to me. On the one hand I completed the Norwegian language course and was trying to get a job in