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If You want something unique, creative art food photos designed and intended especially for You or Your company’s very specific needs and desires, that is what I offer. To be exposed this way and given this kind of edge over the ordinary competitor will enhance the impression You make, be it on the public at large or just on friends.
Remember, the beauty of the photos is not the final aim in itself but is only the medium to convey the correct and convincing message for potential customers to want to buy Your products. Your story I will make very personal and your input will always be my guiding lines.
These days one can easily find very cheap or even free photos on the internet. But will they convey your targeted message the best way to the public, and is that what You really want to be associated with? Where is the uniqueness and how will Your messages be judged and evaluated?
Please go to my FB gallery or Instagram account and look closely at my work which in my view suits very well the following areas:
• Food magazines, 
Lifestyle magazines, 
Travel magazines,
Advertising agencies, 
Food manufacturing companies etc.

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If my photos speak to You, like the ecological-back-to-Earth context I accentuate, please make contact. I can help enhance and sharpen the image you want to convey.