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Post not exactly about food photography

Post not exactly about food photography

The past 5 months have been quite challenging for me. I spent some time thinking why that was. Was it my big dream which yet failed to become a reality that later made me sad and depressed?

I love astrology, both of its brunches vedic and western. It helps me understand who I am, my feelings and what’s my purpose in life. I follow especially one astrologer on FB. Her name is Monika and she is great. This is her page. She writes in polish but it is very easy to google- translate her posts. Her recent description of Neptune has inspired me to write this post today. Maybe it is also the answer to what was going on in my life for the past months.

Yesterday Monika wrote in her post that Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality, illusion and subconscious, has been moving backwards since June this year. In astrology it is a common thing for a planet to move backwards and when a planet does it, it is called retrogradation. By the way, Neptune is like my favorite planet but this is probably a story for an other post.

When Neptune moves backwards we all have a chance to question and to judge the truth about our life. What is real and what is the illusion?

I asked myself then the important question, what is real in my life? Maybe what I think it’s real, is in fact the illusion? If something is real shouldn’t I be able to built my life around it. Why doesn’t it work then? Neptune did the job. It finally opened my eyes.

Neptune in his backwards movement showed me this time, in the best possible way, how real is my reality and in what areas of life I dreamed myself away. For sure Neptune in retrogradation pushed me to uncover the uncomfortable reality.

Yesterday at 2 am Neptune began his journey forward. Monika says that our life should be easier now. We can put our ‘pink glasses’ on again in order to not see the most difficult situations or to simply believe that the difficult moments also come to an end. That exactly what Neptune was teaching us, including me, not to do in the last months. When you put on the pink glasses, your perception of the reality is deformed which again creates the illusion. I think the pink glasses which is a metaphor for an emotional helping tool, it’s needed sometimes because the harsh reality is so unbearable that a touch of pink optimism is absolutely needed. What do you think?

I will definitely put on my pink glasses because the reality around me at this moment is very brutal and all I am left with, in the moments of doubts, is that at the end the universe will come together and I will be just fine.

These macro photos which I am sharing with you today, are my way to communicate that everything in life is fragile yet beautiful if you look at it from the right angle and with a proper ‘lens’.

  • Jennifer

    14 January 2019at16:55 Reply

    I love you macro work. Absolutely stunning. Wondering what lenses you used.

    • magdalena

      14 January 2019at16:57 Reply

      Thank you very much. It was my first time trying macro. But I guess Magda Wasiczek it’s a fantastic teacher. I use 108 mm. I use it actually for food photo

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