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Show must go on

Show must go on

Christmas of 2018 is just around the corner. Last Christmas was painful of very many reasons. I Have to confess something, I actually don’t like Christmas, a childhood stuff that I need to processe. I am rather an Easter person because during Easter it has always been easier, temperature wise, to run away and turn into nature instead of staying at home.

Painful experience doesn’t mean wasted or unnecessary because in the most painful situations we grow as human beings. An emotional stress is kind of a blessing for our soul. There a twist though, its difficult to see the deeper meaning of pain when you are in the middle of it. You need to passed it to gain the perspective and to be able to reflect on it. What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger. Do you agree with me?

This year I look forward to Christmas. I decided that this year I will have a Christmas tree and decorate it with gingerbread cookies which I will bake myself. That’s new for me. Normally I would think that Christmas tree is a waste of time and money.

I wish to create nice and calm Christmas atmosphere for me this year. My December plans include decorating already mentioned Christmas tree, baking cookies, making polish bigos and being hopeful.

Emotionally I am in a place where it’s dark and heavy, maybe that’s why I created dark photos, I don’t know. Maybe by going through hell now I can appreciate the happy days later. I wouldn’t know happinesses if I didn’t go through darkness. Contrast, an important factor to experience in life.

Merry Christmas.

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