Food photography with Green Morning

Overall I am really happy with all I have achieved in my life. However the time after 2009 has been very hard and very confusing to me. On the one hand I completed the Norwegian language course and was trying to get a job in Norway as a geographer which has always been my dream and my passion. On the other hand my physical and emotional health started  to deteriorate. What I thought I wanted to do at the time, wasn’t working. What I thought I loved which was my profession, wasn’t working. Continue reading


Gimsøy, the perfect island


We are more or less half way into our journey. It looks like we may have more choices in regards to where to bike further. So far we have mostly stayed on E 10 which stretches along the south part of the archipelago. Therefore the great phenomenon of the Midnight Sun has so far been unknown to us. Time to change that. We are biking northwards. Gimsøy here we come. Continue reading