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It’s kind of easy but it’s actually very hard

It’s kind of easy but it’s actually very hard

What does it mean to be happy? Are you happy when everything goes well? Are you unhappy when things go wrong? I heard that the most beautiful corals grow in places where the water is thrown constantly in every direction. You would think is the opposite that shallow lagoons hide the most spectacular corals. My life is precisely like that. I feel experienced and rich because of what have happened to me. I am not complaining. I am grateful.

Nature is a fantastic adviser and I always look for inspirations there. Especially when I do photography, when I am undecided about what colors go well together. It inspires me.

Even tho I have just begun walking on the business path I already feel all the challenges on my shoulders.

I am a food photographer. I love what I do and I hope from now on I will meet only fantastic, passionate people.

For quite some time I have been photographing in a semi-professional way. I started around May. I was a bit naive thinking that photographing and being creative would take 100% of my proffetional life. It took actually 30%. The rest, 70% is the actual work: lawyers, contracts etc.

Anyway my plan was to build up a portfolio until I am ready to work with clients. Those clients found me and that professional cooperation has already started.

I have grown far and beyond. The reality for me is very colorful. I am 100% me.

I am done photographing for free. It was important to check out the market and working gratis gave me that possibility.

I wish to thank all my past clients for giving me that crash-course. It was hard but very inspiring. My portfolio is done and it is ready to be open and public.

I would like to welcome all new clients to contact me. I am ready for serious cooperations!

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