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I, me, myself – future business owner

I, me, myself – future business owner

I will begin by writing something profound: my life story is half sad and half happy.

I decide to focus on the happy part, respect the sad and learn from them both. Overall I feel I am the luckiest person in the world because I finally started taking into consideration my own needs and can see results for example being ready to run my own company, to name one.To be fair, being selfish has never worked for me. I simply didn’t know how to be selfish. I realize it may sound strange to some of you to hear that but every time I wanted to do something just for myself I felt like I was doing something wrong. My problem! I always had to think about somebody else first: my mom, my sister, my brother, my neighbors, my friends…. about they needs. How do they feel? Why do they do that? Maybe it was my fault? Why do they say things? Some of them didn’t actually give a s… about me, some of them didn’t know any better. At one point I asked myself one question: what about my needs? How am I? Countless people took my goodness as my weakness throughout my life. So many burdened me with their problems. So many blamed me for their missteps. Or rather I allowed them to do that. Until I didn’t. That was the breaking moment. I don’t know how it happened and when but my life is very different now, compare with how it was 10, 5 or 1 years ago. After a long period of depression, I have finally begun doing something amazing, something good for me.

Therefore I am ready to inform you that I am about to establish my own company. It will take place most probably next year. I will be selling my creativity ? in form of pictures.

I am so proud of myself and I am happy to say that. It’s ok to be selfish.

Please follow my page, my FB page and my Instagram account. Write comments and share those of my photos that you like the most! You share my photos, you share my happiness ???

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