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Holidaying in Greece. Bzzzzzzz – the sound of mosquito

Holidaying in Greece. Bzzzzzzz – the sound of mosquito

I am in Alonnisos, the charming little island on the Aegean Sea. Certainly here is plenty to enjoy and endure. The warm climate, the cloudless sky, the most amazing environment, finally the very finest people that are happy and always kind.

I have been to Greece, Alonnisos two times before. Every time is something new to be seen and take pictures of. Interesting how many new things my eyes can recognize every time I come here. It’s the same place, the same landspe, the same plants, yet every year there is something new to discover. Sure plants grow continuously which makes the landscape vibrant. As some of you may know I like photographing nature, the passion for it flows in my blood. I also enjoy taking pictures of ‘random things’ which in my view show the spirit of the place that I photograph. You can call it a reportage or coverage. I basically take my camera with my lenses and walk around. One day I walk ‘this’ direction, the next day I walk the other way, randomly. It is never easy, I tell you that. I still learn what lense to use for what purposes and stressfully change them when new situations appear. Sometimes I check photos of my favorite photographers online and study them to get inspirations. I pay attention to the light, the lens they use, the frame etc. it’s inspiring.

My stay in Alonnisos was very spiritual. I should elaborate more on this statement but I won’t. I can’t actually. Many thinks happened that I myself still have to wrap my head around. Which makes it difficult to write about. One thing I can say for sure, it’s been very peaceful for my heart which I hope you can read from the pictures I have brought with me.

I hope you can enjoy the shots. Looking at the photo reportage you can experience this godic country through my eyes/lenses.

Let me know if you like what I made ?

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