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Food photography with Green Morning

Food photography with Green Morning

Overall I am really happy with all I have achieved in my life. However the time after 2009 has been very hard and very confusing to me. On the one hand I completed the Norwegian language course and was trying to get a job in Norway as a geographer which has always been my dream and my passion. On the other hand my physical and emotional health started  to deteriorate. What I thought I wanted to do at the time, wasn’t working. What I thought I loved which was my profession, wasn’t working. I actually didn’t even want to call myself a scientist longer because of what people attributes to science and how they try to explain their ideas missusing science. Except a man that had appeared in my life who later became my husband, everything else was just a black hole. Year by year, month by month I started realizing that what I wanted for myself wasn’t the thing I would be happy doing. Eventually, thanks to different situations and many people including bloggers whom I didn’t even know personally, I understood that photography is the thing I wish to learn more about. That’s how I got familiar with food photography and Kinga from

Everything went very fast. On Monday I saw information that Kinga takes student, the next day I called her and made an appointment for the meeting. I booked a 2 days course. What spoke to me about Kinga’s photos was the purity of her shots. She said that if somebody who look at her photos doesn’t want to taste the food, she failed as a photographer. Indead you want to eat what you see. Which makes her the best photographer ever. However there is something more about her work that I admire so much, it’s how she puts the pictures together and the juiciness and freshness of the colors. The composition is ‘spot on’. Kinga’s background was very appealing to me. She started as an assistant of an other photographer where she learned the basics of the profession.

The day when I suppose to learn from THE BEST food photographer (in my opinion) has arrived. I didn’t really know what to expect. I have brought some fruits and flowers that I wanted to learn how to photograph. I have also brought some of my cookies that I decorate in my spare time with royal iceing.

I found Kinga’s home which is so beautiful by the way. She took me upstairs to her loft studio. We started with checking out my camera which I thought I knew quite well but Kinga proved me wrong by showing me things that I didn’t know even existed. The first day we spent on talking about different aspects that are extremely important in food photography. It was so interesting for me to get this knowledge. You think you know all this stuff until you listen to Kinga and realize that in fact this is not true. There is so much philosophy and art in the subject. The second day we spent on taking photos.

Her studio is filled up with thousands of props. You can find everything possible there: plates in different shapes and colors, fabrics, boards, cups, mugs, glasses, bottles, jars…you can easily feel like a kid in a candy store. I can only imagine how long it took her to collect all of the stuff that she owns at the moment. It was so important for me to see Kinga working on the photos, to see how she thinks, to see her in her own natural environment, was truly precious. It has been  very motivating to see how happy she is because of what she does. This kind of happiness is achievable for everybody.

So here I am trying to develope my skills and take the knowledge I got from Kinga, one step further. I think I can do this. I love doing this. The future finally looks very bright.

Overall I am so happy that I studied geography. To undestand how nature works, how complex it is and how important it is today to know all of that, has been and amazing journey. I wouldn’t change a thing. There was a time when I regretted studying it but not any more. I am proud of what I have archived and who I am. Nature has played and still does and hopefully will play a very important part in my creative life. Many people have told me in the past that I am creative. I have never believed that until now. I am creative!

I am so grateful to my husband for supporting me in all of this and fighting many fights with me, by my side.

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