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Food Photography

Apple vinegar, easy to make, healthy to drink

Polska wersja, kliknij tutaj – zapraszam na blog mojej koleżanki Joasi, która dogłębnie opisała proces robienia octu jabłkowego po polsku. The one thing I really love about my garden (among many things) is the two apple trees. The last year’ harvest exceeded our expectations. We have been enjoying healthy


Christmas of 2018

As I promised myself I am delivering. This year for christmas - I was suppose to have a small Christmas tree. It's done. - I was suppose to decorate my Christmas tree with gingerbread cookies which I was going to bake myself. It's done. - I was suppose


Show must go on

Christmas of 2018 is just around the corner. Last Christmas was painful of very many reasons. I Have to confess something, I actually don't like Christmas, a childhood stuff that I need to processe. I am rather an Easter person because during Easter it has