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Beyond photography – workshop in Northern Norway

Beyond photography – workshop in Northern Norway

It wasn’t until a year ago when I got a real kick by taking photos. I have liked and been interested in photography since for ever but never had a chance to understand it. My first SLR was a handy russian film camera. That happened around 20 years ago while I studied geography. Anyway I thought photography was as comprehensive as physics or optics. I have always appreciated those, moreover they have been one of may favorite subjects at school and at the university but because I studied it I know how complex and time consuming it can be. Shutter time, aperture, ISO (the basics) and all the other stuff like a camera body and a lens. The list doesn’t stop here. All of that got to my head and made me think that I am not smart enough and will never be able to grasp it because of it’s complexity. When growing up I haven’t had anybody around who would be willing to mentor me even though the need for personal artistic development has undoubtedly been very strong. Anyway, have you ever visited Canon’s or Nikon’s website? Have you read they explanation of what photography is? I did and I didn’t understand much. The language they use didn’t appeal to me. Anyway about two months ago I took an online course in digital photography from Harvard University. Although my first teacher was Kinga from who I came across a year ago, the Harvard University course really helped me to fill in the gap I had in understanding photography. Here I finally got not only the basics but most of all the more advanced aspects. For me personally the fun part is composition, here I feel I can be creative. I can show my true artistic side. It helps to be the reincarnated artist.

When I finally understood the basics, the playful time could begin for me. In my view composition is the key to stunning photos. I think that the most amazing pictures I have seen are unique because of composition. The rules rule everything also photography but particularly in photography the rules can be broken.

Now I take my camera and can walk around my gardens for hours and I won’t be bored. It hasn’t always been like that.

I am follow my calling.  I can feel clearly what that is. However there was a time when I wanted to be somebody I shouldn’t be and I kept knocking on the doors that remained closed. I thought it was the universe hating me and making problems while it was actually the universe helping me discover my own path by closing some gates.

Anyway my personal development continues. A little over a month ago I participated in a workshop where the topic of photography in general was in focus. Only women could take part which I found very appealing while signing up. We were supposed to learn how to take photos of Northern Lights but as it turned out it was much more than just night photos that I learned to take. I was able to understand the ‘real photography’ and deeply reflect on it. All thanks to the most amazing teacher Justyna, The Photographer with a very long experience. She opened my eyes but first of all she showed me a different aspect of photography which would be something beyond landscape photography. I cannot omit to mention the amazing women, the participants that ‘coincidentally’ were there with me. They all appeared on my path to help me. I am grateful to every single one of them for all their help and wisdom. I feel lucky, grateful and very very happy. The Universe is supporting me now.

I feel however I should clarify the word ‘real photography’. This is an expression which I created only for my own use. It’s not my aim to offend anybody. This is just my way to reflect on this fascinating an vast subject. Besides I love looking at Karol Nienartowicz photos, Audun Rikardsen photos or Max Rives photos. They are absolutely stunning.  I appreciate how much I can learn from those guys. Peace!

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